Dmexco is Here and Tapad is Ready to Connect More Brands with More Consumers

Summer has come to an end and the fall conference season begins. Dmexco is here and we are excited to kick off the event this Wednesday in Cologne, Germany!

This year’s conference will address a wide range of pressing issues, new solutions and industry predictions. One theme we can be sure to find is the impact of digital content innovation, with video at the forefront.

As the world of marketing technology continues to evolve due to ever-changing consumer behavior, we see multiple opportunities for brands and marketers to diversify campaign strategies this year into next.

Where Will Consumers Go Next?

What content people are consuming and how they are consuming it is very open ended. Technology continues to innovate at lightning speed and consumer behavior adapts just as quickly. Change in consumption calls for a change in content. Not only do marketers need to consider unique creative formats to grab consumer attention, but also differing distribution strategies to connect with consumers in an authentic, non-intrusive way. This is something that will undoubtedly be discussed in Germany this week.

The industry’s call for change has already led to enhanced content methods this year. Marketers face challenges in finding ways to integrate the new six-second ad format with Fox leading the way, long-form native storytelling and adoption of vertical video across platforms. These evolving formats will certainly drive further innovation into 2018.

Vertical Video is the Next Stop!

With the adoption of new formats, it’s time for content creators to get comfortable with producing vertical video. A recent study found vertical video is becoming the popular choice among publishers, thanks to the rise in content consumption across mobile devices. With a mobile-first approach in mind, marketers have the ability to adapt creative formats and produce impactful, unique experiences that feel cohesive across devices. Vertical video allows for this seamless experience.

Consumers are increasingly interacting on mobile driving growth in mcommerce activity. Facebook’s recent introduction of Watch will now allow advertisers another opportunity to connect with consumers via video content. With the implementation of vertical video campaigns across devices and platforms, these consumer experiences will feel uninterrupted and connected throughout the narrative of the campaign.

As we move into the last quarter of 2017 and beginning of 2018, vertical video will have a larger impact for advertisers particularly those in the apparel and retail industry. These marketers have the largest opportunity to increase consumer engagement with vertical video, especially throughout the upcoming holiday season, as only a small percentage have tested the format.

Regardless of Format, the Path to Purchase Must Tell a Story

Sequential storytelling is the glue holding new formats and content consumption behaviors together. Without a consistent, relevant and data-driven path to follow, consumers will be less inclined to embark on a journey with your brand. A recent eMarketer report outlined the growing need to sequence exposure to content in order to build engagement with brands. It’s crucial for brands to take the time and resources needed to properly identify the right consumers, understand their behaviors, intent and preferences, and then connect with them in a relevant and impactful way using creative ad formats.

We’re excited to be a part of the industry changes underway. The holiday season will certainly be a testament to how consumers interact with the newest technologies, which marketers will embrace consumer data to shift campaigns in real time and what formats will prove to be the most effective as we take on the new year.

If you’re wondering how you can capitalize on new ad formats, cross-device technologies and data-driven sequential storytelling, come visit us in Hall 6 as Tapad is a proud part of MediaLink’s urban storytelling plaza (Hall 6 / D011-E018). We look forward to meeting you in Germany!