December | Monthly Round-up

What a year. Our overall revenues nearly doubled in 2015 owing to strong performances across-the-board. Team Tapad was particularly excited to see how receptive the market has been to our Data business. We estimate we have reached over 85% market share with 20 new licensing partners in Q4 alone. Our team has worked incredibly hard this year and we see both confirmed accuracy and continual increase in scale of the Tapad Device Graph™ – now at more than 7 billion connections – is the established industry gold standard.What's in store for 2016? Some big deals for us specifically, and more broadly, what we believe will represent seismic shifts for our industry:

  • You will soon learn about an elevated partnership we just closed with a major agency holding company.
  • And, big picture, while 2015 saw major advances in unifying digital screens industry-wide and cross-device drove record-breaking Cyber Week sales, 2016 will take it to the next level.
  • Founder & CEO Are Traasdahl predicts we'll see alignment of those same unified screens with in-store touch points. With 90% of purchases still occurring at brick-and-mortar, this is the next frontier for cross-screen identity solutions like Tapad.
  • Adding linear TV to the digital marketing mix will also gain serious traction in 2016. Given that traditional TV advertising still makes up a predominant share of ad spend, bringing it deeper into the marketing fold is the clear path to optimizing the return on marketing spend and it will create a significant improvement in the consumer experience as well. Building the bridge between linear TV and digital is how we get it right, particularly in terms of reach and frequency and delivering against a unified, cohesive marketing strategy.

We are full speed ahead for 2016. Read on for December media coverage, events, and awards highlights.

Awards Season

Some nice accolades have come our way lately. As always, we take each and every one as inspiration to work even harder and continue to earn the praise. Among them:

  • MarCom Awards: Tapad’s Creative Services team & MTV took home a 2015 MarCom Gold Award for “Orientation Responsive Interactive Video” in the entertainment vertical.
  • SmartCEO: Tapad wins a Corporate Culture Award foster a creative, collaborative workplace culture that has helped them enhance performance and sustain a competitive advantage.

Media Coverage:

It’s never been a more exciting time to be on the forefront of the marketing tech industry. Take a look at some of the coverage we’ve received below. Be sure to check out’s In The News and Press Releases for more.

  • Entrepreneur: Tapad Founder & CEO Are Traasdahl’s 2016 predictions were featured in "What's Next in Mobile Advertising? 6 Trends for the New Year"
  • eMarketer: Tapad SVP of Global Strategy was interviewed on “Moving Cross-Device Capabilities into TV and IoT in 2016"
  • Mobile Marketing Watch: Tapad “Partners With Abakus to Provide Enhanced Cross-Device Data for Marketers”
  • ExchangeWire: Tapad’s strategic data partnership with Sizmek is covered
  • PerformanceIn: Tapad mentioned in "Busting the Jargon Around Cross-Screen Advertising


From St. Louis, to San Francisco, to Scottsdale, Tapad is never shy about mixing and mingling with our industry’s best and brightest. Additionally, we’ll kick off the new year with the Big 3: CES, Mobile World Congress and SXSW. Check out our Industry Events & More page and see December highlights below.

Happy January, all!

Our industry is facing a major tipping point – consumer data now handily trumps "device" data; content is not just unified, it is deeply engaging; marketers are empowered and informed and no longer reliant on prayers and crossed fingers. It is thrilling time to be a part of this thriving industry. And with that, please accept Team Tapad’s best wishes for a terrific year.Interested in joining a team that works smart, plays hard and drives real tech change? Connect with us at and let’s chat about why you’ll love working at Tapad