Clypd Partnership Expands Programmatic TV Inventory

Today we announced our partnership with clypd, the leading audience-based sales platform for television advertising. By integrating clypd’s national cable network inventory,we will expand our extensive supply of TV inventory to include premium national cable inventory. 

Our TV tools will work in tandem with clypd’s sales platform to enable more precise audience engagement for TV ad buys. This will enable marketers to integrate their customer data or third-party digital segments into our TV platform and use them to precisely engage their audience across clypd’s industry-leading footprint of national TV inventory. Campaigns are then optimized using our graph-powered TV attribution, ensuring ads are aligned with the best context for each brand’s message.

Of the partnership, Ashley Parker, head of brand marketing at Travelocity said: "At Travelocity, we are always looking for ways to more efficiently reach our target audiences. The combination of traditional linear TV and solutions like this offering from Tapad and clypd are bringing both the tools and the supply to make this vision a reality."

Details of the partnership can be found in the press release, here

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