CES 2018 - The year of robots, AR, and 5G

The largest electronics trade show in the US once again did not disappoint. While last year was more automotive based, with exhibits like BMW x Intel, this year CES revealed much more about the future of technology, showcasing the industry’s newest robots, augmented reality tech, and 5G capabilities.

Robots, drones, and more robots.

Varun Gudiseva, VP, Market Development, Analytics, a first timer at CES, was most impressed by the advancements of robots and drones at CES. The future of technology seems to be about accessibility and freeing up time for people to do other things like spend time with their families or maintain a hobby. For instance, LG launched a robot that can fold clothing and even mow your lawn. IBM spoke about installing seat markers so that disabled people can know on their phones if there is a spot for them to sit. Automotive companies such as Lyft are all about autonomous driving - they even had cars flying around the exhibition. More and more these companies are looking for ways to bring high tech to the everyday consumer — hoping to make daily life even just a little more convenient.

Augmented Reality

If you look beyond the larger exhibits and stumble off the beaten path you see the little things that are tinkering such as Vuzix Corp’s smart glasses that are powered by Amazon’s Alexa. The integration of Vuzix’s Alexa allows wearers to have a digital assistant mounted on their face. The smart glasses will be more affordable than Google Glass, already priced under $1,000. Additionally, the theme of the glasses is not artificial intelligence like Google Glass, but rather incorporating augmented reality into everyday technology. Owners will be able to ask Alexa tasks such as, “Alexa, zoom in” or “Alexa take a video.”

From a video perspective, Paul Sluberski, VP Video and CPG, Brand Networks, is excited about the collision of augmented reality and every day technology. In fact, his biggest takeaway was not the new technology, such as an automated lawn mower, but the advancements in former technology. From his perspective, “technology can get as sophisticated as it wants, but the plumbing is also getting more sophisticated. It’s not about what robots can learn but rather how quickly they can learn it.”

5G Capabilities

Sluberski was also impressed by Verizon’s 5G services, specifically from a video perspective. He believes that 5G streaming will change the way that consumers watch video; “Once you light up 5G you can stream videos as quickly as you can on your TV.”

Our team is especially interested to see what 5G capabilities will be highlighted next month at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ES.