Brooklyn Students Learn About Data

Brooklyn Collaborative, a NYC outward bound school, had their students visit Tapad’s HQ to speak with our data scientists about adtech. Igor Elbert and Yael Elmatad, Data Scientists at Tapad, shared their journeys and backgrounds in martech to inspire Brooklyn Collaborative students to pursue an interest in technical-sciences. 

Igor emphasized the importance of data science and its overwhelming presence in society. “Data science is about analyzing data to derive valuable insights. It is now a part of any type of human activity, helping people to gain new knowledge.”

Yael shared a few key insights from her presentation with the students:

Tapad: How do you relate to the kids who came today? 
Yael:  As a child of immigrants (who never went to college) who was born in NY, attended NYC public schools, and learned English as a second language, I saw education as an opportunity to a better life. I emphasized to our visitors the importance of finding role models and becoming self-motivated in order to better oneself. 

T: Why is it important for kids to get exposure to this industry now?
YE: Often, I feel like children just don’t know what professions are available to them because they don’t have exposure to people who do those jobs.  If they don’t meet engineers and data scientists they may not be able to picture themselves in those roles and self-select themselves out of those opportunities.  

T: Was there something like this program for you when you were younger?
YE: When I was in high school, several of my teachers were former chemists and they encouraged me to pursue chemistry as a career path (my PhD is in theoretical chemistry).  I think if not for them, I may have chosen a different profession altogether .

T: As a woman in data science, do you feel an obligation to give girls in particular exposure to this industry?
YE: My first chemistry teacher was a woman with a PhD.  I think it made an immeasurable impact on my choice of careers and allowed me to “see myself” in the role.  Since so few role models in tech are women I find it important, when possible, to show young women that there are happy and productive women in these types of roles. I love watching how the kids go from initially uninterested to asking how they can land jobs at Tapad and genuinely come to be as enthusiastic about Tapad and ad tech as I am.  

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