Between Pi & Fibonacci Tapad’s Data-Driven Holiday Celebration Takes Off with Dijkstra

Last week the entire Tapad family gathered for our annual winter gathering. Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Miami, Boston, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Toronto and London were in the house as Tapaders from North America and Europe assembled at our NYC HQ.

After reviewing our 2015 accomplishments and 2016 goals, we kicked off a celebratory evening at the nearby MoMath - The Museum of Mathematics.

Tapaders were greeted with a signature cocktail – Dijkstra's* Downfall – which was handcrafted by our first engineering hire, Toby Matejovsky. Big thanks to Dijkstra! By finding the shortest paths between nodes in a graph, your algorithm has helped Tapad immensely, and not just by providing the perfect start of a great night.

With the entire team under one roof and unified the urge to dance, nerd out and festive atmosphere, the venue could not have been more on point.

That evening, we celebrated some great achievements and highly scientific Tapad data, including:

  • Tapad’s Data business reached over ~85% market share with 20 new licensing partners in Q4 alone.

  • Our team worked incredibly hard this year and we saw both confirmed accuracy and continual increase in scale of the Tapad Device Graph™ – now at more than 7 billion connections – solidifying it as the established industry gold standard.

  • 31% of Tapaders experienced a major “life event:” 25 Engagements, 18 Weddings, 18 Births, 9 Babies

  • 33% of Tapaders were engaged and married within the same year!

    • Startupers move fast! 69% of US engagements last 13+ months (14 mo. avg.)

  • Speaking of moving fast: 9% of Tapaders welcomed a baby last year!

    • The average US birth rate is 1.3%

  • Members of our team exhibited moves on the light-up, algorithmic dance floor that rival Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze

Cheers to a happy, healthy and unified 2016 from Team Tapad to you!