Best in the Field

Ready, set, goal!

From day one, Tapad’s motto has been, “work smart, play hard.” In this new series, we uncover the ‘play hard’ aspect of our company’s mantra. We interviewed Andy Shafer, analyst, and Tapad United’s team captain.

What sport do you lead? 

Tapad United! Futbol (soccer)

Where do you play?

Bushwick Inlet Park in Williamsburg

Who do you play against?

All different teams. Sometimes we play against other companies and sometimes against regular intramural teams.

How often does your team practice?

On the field, during games (Ha!)

How often are games played?

Every Monday night like clockwork

How many members are on each team? 

Each team has six players, with goalies. We also require that two women be on the field at all times

Are all participants from Tapad?

Yes, most of the team is from Tapad, although we do have to recruit outside the company when we don't have enough players. (Interested? Email

Are games competitive or played simply for fun?

A little bit of both, but we always have fun!

What does the team do after a game?

Wings and beer after the game at Kent Ale House are a staple of Tapad United

How do company intramural activities impact team morale?

It doesn't matter if you win or lose, playing together always brings people closer together. Some of my closest friends at Tapad are people I met through playing soccer!

Were you ever a team captain growing up?

Yes on both my junior varsity and varsity soccer teams 

Who are your favorite professional sports teams?

NYCFC, Buffalo Bills, Arsenal, Barcelona