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Tapad and Centro Announce Partnership

Today, Tapad is pleased to announce its partnership with Centro — a provider of enterprise-class software for digital advertising. Through this partnership, Centro's Basis programmatic ad platform has licensed Tapad's cross-device marketing technology. This means that media professionals using Basis can now drive better performance by identifying a person across the different devices he

CDPs and DMPs: A Simple Breakdown

With the rise of Customer Data Platforms (CDP), there has been a lot of questions concerning how they compare against Data Management Platforms (DMP). To help showcase the differences, we’ve created the simple chart below. Overall, CDPs are the key to making the most out of your first-party data. An identity-driven CDP like the Tapad

Personalization and Trust in a Tech-driven World

This week, Spiceworks released a survey highlighting the importance of brand-consumer relationships in tech buying world. The report revealed several stats that strongly resonate with our own approach to personalization. For instance: Tech buyers, especially millennials, are often less responsive to impersonal marketing tactics (e.g. cold calls, direct mail, mass emails, etc.). 85 percent

Considering a CDP? First, Assess Your Company's Identity

Recently, our friends at Signal posted a great piece about the relationship between identity and CDPs. We couldn't agree more with their perspective because — the truth is — the market will always make the promise of better and brighter technologies, but without a firm understanding of your consumer's identity, the return on these

T-Mobile and Sprint Merger — What it Could Mean for Martech

When Sprint and T-Mobile surfaced the possibility of a merger in October 2017 there was a lot of speculation about what the outcomes would look like. In response to this news, Tapad CEO Sigvart Voss Eriksen shared his thoughts on the possible implications this merger. With today's news that Sprint and T-Mobile are indeed merging

Tapad and Flashtalking Create Impactful Attribution Modeling Strategy

Today, we are excited to announce the impactful results of our strategic partnership with Flashtalking — the leading global independent platform for ad delivery, unification, and insights. Since our partnership began two years ago, we have seen above-industry match and bridge rates for Flashtalking and its customers. Overall, the Tapad Graph has yielded a 7

Why CDPs May Define the Future of Telcos

Telcos across the world are facing digital transformations. For decades, they have built their success on the control over their physical distribution channels and were able to grow their customer bases while creating a competitive moat. More than anything else, they became highly developed distribution machines. However, the digital ecosystem has disrupted this business model
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