Happy Birthday, iPhone!

When the iPhone first hit the technology scene in 2007, it was absolutely game changing. To have all the functionality of your iPod, a cellular phone, as well as internet access all on one device truly changed the way we lived. In honor of this ten year anniversary, we asked Team Tapad about their first mobile phones, and their early iPhone usage.

What was your first iPhone app?

The overwhelming answer across Team Tapad was: Facebook

What was your first iPhone ringtone?

Surprisingly, most Tapaders kept the standard ringtone, with a few opting for the sound of the old telephone ring. Other funny answers included Justin Timberlake, Super Mario Brothers, Kanye West, and the Kim Possible theme song.

What is your favorite emoji?

Team Tapad has a sense of humor, and the crying laughing emoji was the favorite by far.

What is your most-used app today?

This question really divided the company! It's a dead heat between Instagram and Snapchat.

What was the model of your first mobile phone?

You can really tell the age of most employees at Tapad when you know the first phone that was in their pockets. It seems nearly everyone had a Nokia 6110, with a few using the generations of Nokia either one prior or one after the 6110. The funniest answer, however, was a cellphone so large it required its own backpack.

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