Our selection of guides to help you understand the digital marketing landscape.

What is The Tapad Device Graph?

Media companies face many challenges, but none more fundamental than the fractured nature of today’s digital marketing and advertising ecosystems. Most technology platforms treat a single user as different people since they use different devices and switch between contexts within those devices. The patent-pending Tapad Device Graph™ allows you to understand, monetize and measure your audience in a unified way across all connected devices.


What is Cross-Device Marketing?

Cross-device marketing is the efficient approach to programmatic advertising. Equipped with a device graph, marketers are able to confidently identify consumer’s devices to reach, engage and measure each interaction with their desired customer.


What is Cross-device Attribution?

Cross-device attribution is the measurement and reporting of conversions as they take place after multiple engagements across different devices. Cross-device analytics allow an organization to link a user’s behavior across devices to monitor and optimize the user journey prior to a conversion.


Programmatic Advertising & Media Buying Explained

The future of advertising is transitioning towards programmatic advertising. Programmatic advertising is the automated process by which artificial intelligence (AI) makes decisions on ad placement using real-time bidding (RTB) across several channels such as online, mobile, TV and social media.