Cross-Device Advertising & Marketing for Maximum ROI

Cross-Device Advertising & Marketing for Maximum ROI

What is Cross-Device Marketing?

Cross-device marketing is the efficient approach to programmatic advertising. Equipped with a device graph, marketers are able to confidently identify consumer’s devices to reach, engage and measure each interaction with their desired customer. Through unified identification across desktops, laptops, mobile devices, tablets and TVs, marketers are able to achieve true return on ad spend through accurate reach and frequency targeting and reporting.

What is Cross-Device Marketing?

Our proprietary technology, the Tapad Device Graph™, enables cross-device marketing to be screen-agnostic. Marketers should be afforded the opportunity to speak to a consumer wherever they are, regardless of the device they may be using. Tapad is able to identify the point of conversion across all screens - smartphones, tablets, home computers, and even smart TVs - so that marketers can better gauge the efficiency and return on ad spend for every campaign, adjusting engagement parameters in real-time if needed.

We use data from browsing and application usage behavior, unintelligible login data and partner-provided consumer data to engage users based on the devices they use, in a way that is both efficient and privacy-safe.

Our technology provides marketers with real-time media buying, more relevant and device-specific messaging and analytics. What does this mean for the marketer? Stronger share of voice, unified reach and frequency, and improved ad delivery, all across devices. 

Tapad delivers the great prospecting and retargeting you’ve come to expect.

Cross-Device Advertising

Marketers face many challenges, but none more fundamental than the fractured nature of today’s digital marketing and advertising ecosystems. Most technology platforms treat a single user as different people since they use different devices and switch between contexts within those devices. However, this just doesn’t cut it as consumers are constantly jumping between multiple devices. Consider these stats:

Device Stats

What are the benefits of cross-device analytics?

Cross-device advertising helps marketers determine the actual value of their advertising spend, as well as how to optimize future campaigns based on that knowledge. Unlike traditional DSPs, we offer not only unified reach and frequency reporting across TV and digital devices, but also cross-device audience amplification. In fact, we amplify your cross-device scale by 5x on average, meaning you’ll be able to find the best consumers regardless of device.

Investing in proper metrics and measurement tools for cross-device has tremendous benefits for companies long-term. The analytics provide marketers more accurate reporting to enable more efficient budget allocation.

Why Invest in Cross-Device Marketing?

Every dollar spent is an opportunity to influence a consumer. Though simple, this promise is often hard to achieve. Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness or influence a consumer decision, it’s imperative to consider two things:


  • Keeping every media dollar spent accountable requires that you reach the right person, on the right device, with the right message.


  • Your brand needs the maximum number of opportunities to deliver tailored messages, regardless of device or browser.

The ultimate goals in digital marketing are to increase transactions, brand awareness, and lower CPA. To do this efficiently requires two main concepts:

1. Reach the right people, on the right device with the right brand message (accuracy)
2. Connect with enough people to positively impact the brand (scale)

Leveraging Cross-Device Analytics

Our analytics dashboard gives you a snapshot view of your campaign’s overall success and performance by providing one-to-one connections with consumers between digital and TV marketing. This empowers marketers to make more informed decisions about your media spend. 

This solution allows marketers and their agencies to demonstrate the relationship between cross-device marketing and hitting their goals for every campaign. 

Extensive Audience Reach

Tapad amplifies your cross-device scale by 5x on average. We encourage you to leverage your first party data and blend it with third party data to maximize your cross-device scale to reach your entire audience. With our existing DMP integrations, including Bluekai, eXelate, Adobe Audience Manager, Neustar and more. We can easily ingest your consumer data into our device graph to uncover additional device connections.

Our proprietary media platform, Unify, fees are completely transparent, allowing you to take more control of your margins. Data can be expensive, so to help you identify data cost inefficiencies and increase your margin, audience pricing information is directly available as you build your audiences. Directly within the audiences tab, you’re able to filter audiences by max and min price.

Granular and Comprehensive Engagement

Unify was built for cross-device from the ground up. The Tapad Device Graph™ analyzes several signals including remote access, date, cookie, host, referrer and more across multiple devices to build the most accurate consumer device profiles. Cross-device isn’t a simple check box. To enable cross-device lift, you will want to find devices in the graph, or you can break it down by specific IDs in the graph. This means Tapad has identified a consumer’s associated devices, and can amplify your impression opportunities across your desired audiences, and improve your offline studies.

Our granular cross-device engagement provides you the opportunity to implement marketing strategies that improve reach and frequency, equating in more conversions.

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