Talent Matters

We are built for speed: Open. Agile. Not a cubicle in sight. Our walls are writing surfaces and the standing desks are for those who can’t sit still. Yes, we have the ping pong, faux fireplace and free breakfasts—but you’ll come for the camaraderie, the challenge and the opportunity to do bold work. At Tapad, your talent matters.

It all started with "how do we personalize the internet?"

The free content internet users enjoy today is paid for by advertising. However, people are increasingly frustrated with the lack of relevancy, while marketers are increasingly frustrated by the lack of efficiency. There is a need for a fundamental fix to preserve an open, free internet. The answer? Identity. This is why we are building a new form of identity — a privacy-safe, unified digital identity that is built exclusively around device clusters tied together by personal preferences, interests, and behavior.

Our tech stack

No musty, legacy frameworks or spaghetti code here. We are building new systems in the cloud and our tech stack is comprised of state-of-the-art tools such as Scala, BigTable, Pub/Sub, DataFlow, Dataproc, Spark, and more. We ingest more than 1 PB of data every 48 hours and store more than 30 petabytes of data for our weekly Tapad Graph build and analytics. Tapad's application deployment infrastructure also uses some of the latest and greatest open-source technologies, including Docker and Kubernetes.

Personalization @ Scale

What developer dreams are made of: We knew data before it was known as Big Data. The Tapad Graph is built using hundreds of billions of data points. All this data necessitates exploring and using novel and advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques.

Globally connected

With 6 offices around the globe and more coming soon, our diverse community brings a world view to everything we do.

Big brand validation

Having done this longer than anybody, we’ve had the opportunity to work with most of the Fortune 500’s. In other words, we’ve been vetted and blessed by the brands you know and trust.

Our Worklife

We are in tireless pursuit of deeper, more meaningful connections with consumers—bringing them closer to the brands they love. We strive for equal parts collaboration and autonomy, keeping ideas flowing and decision-making nimble. It’s not just talk. Around here, it’s part of our culture.


We encourage growth through hackathons and industry events, such as Scala Days, Spark Summit, Scala by the Bay, Scala Exchange and JavaZone.


Our company-sponsored events are pretty epic. But the number of colleagues who hang after hours just for the fun of it? That speaks volumes.


Work here and you’ll find a diversity of bold ideas coming from big thinkers and prolific producers.

Notable Nods

The industry has spoken. Every year we win more awards than our trophy shelf can hold. Leave some space on your new desk.