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Tapad: Who We Are and Where We’re Going

Today, Tapad debuts its brand new look. This means new logos, a new website (as you probably have noticed), and a brand new mission — to reinvent personalization for the modern marketer. Why the change? We’re glad you asked. Think of it this way… The free content internet users enjoy today is paid for by

Coming Full Circle: Identity And Cycle Of Personalization

By Preethy Vaidyanathan, CPO, Tapad — Decades ago, consumer engagement used to be a personal experience. Brands communicated with local customers they knew by name, interest, etc. The growth of online purchasing has led to greater choice and convenience for consumers, while innovation in digital advertising has brought huge scale and lower costs for marketers

Tapad and Brand Networks Form Strategic Partnership

BOSTON, Jan. 31, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Brand Networks, the company recently named a “Leader” in Social Advertising Technology by independent analyst firm Forrester Research, today announced an expansion of the company’s capabilities and offerings though a strategic partnership with Tapad, the leader in cross-device marketing. This collaboration will bring programmatic display and

CES 2018 - The year of robots, AR, and 5G

The largest electronics trade show in the US once again did not disappoint. While last year was more automotive based, with exhibits like BMW x Intel, this year CES revealed much more about the future of technology, showcasing the industry’s newest robots, augmented reality tech, and 5G capabilities. Robots, drones, and more robots. Varun Gudiseva

Unmasking the True Value of Cross-Device Data

Cross-Device Connects Data Silos According to our proprietary data, 35% of consumers convert on a device that is different from the one on which they started their research. This means that audiences are accessing multiple browsers on multiple devices at different points of the day, and engaging with brands, influencers, and peers via multiple channels

Holidays in Hindsight: Top Three Trends That Can Help Marketers Stay Relevant in 2018

Consumers still mainly buy on desktops, often buy for themselves during the holidays and leave clues that enable marketers to personalize more effectively. Every year, marketers ramp up spending for the impending holiday season, hitting consumers with what can feel like an endless array of deals and winter-themed ads. While the success of these strategies

Three Ways To Reaffirm Your Global Product Strategy For 2018

By Preethy Vaidyanathan, CPO at Tapad — As we move into 2018, consumer behavior continues to change rapidly with new technologies. We are surrounded by touch- and voice-activated devices, all of which are geared toward giving consumers the information they want when they want it. This has created an expectation of instantaneous and personalized experiences