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Tapad Hires New Head of Data Science

This month, Tapad's engineering team made several notable hires included a new Head of Data Science, Igor Elbert. Igor joins the team with more than two decades of software engineering and data science experience. Most recently Igor led data science projects at Gilt Groupe and, prior to that, at Barnes and Noble, Teradata [...]

Rethinking Viewability for Brands.

Imagine you’re the CMO of a big CPG brand, and you want to look at the performance of your digital marketing. You’ve paid for 100,000 impressions served, yet someone on your digital marketing team points out that your ad was only seen 54,000 times. How could that be? You call your marketing technology vendor, and [...]

Unifying Big Data in Automotive

Cars aren’t bought online. They’re haggled over at dealerships. That’s the thing about evaluating your next car; it’s never easy, and that feeling of complexity is too often shared by marketers at auto manufacturers. Marketers want the best deal just like us. They don’t want the process to drone or forever or to overpay. So [...]
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