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Introducing the Tapad Customer Data Platform

While many marketers have their own rich data, they often lack visibility beyond their existing customer base to personalize their content for new prospects. Today, we are excited to announce a new product that solves for this challenge by providing marketers with unparalleled identity insights from the Tapad Graph ecosystem — The Tapad [...]

Tapad: Who We Are and Where We’re Going

Today, Tapad debuts its brand new look. This means new logos, a new website (as you probably have noticed), and a brand new mission — to reinvent personalization for the modern marketer. Why the change? We’re glad you asked. Think of it this way… The free content internet users enjoy today is paid for by [...]

Three Ways To Reaffirm Your Global Product Strategy For 2018

By Preethy Vaidyanathan, CPO at Tapad — As we move into 2018, consumer behavior continues to change rapidly with new technologies. We are surrounded by touch- and voice-activated devices, all of which are geared toward giving consumers the information they want when they want it. This has created an expectation of instantaneous and personalized experiences [...]

Influencing Behavior to Win New Customers

By Vinnie Ma, Senior Director of Product Management, Tapad “People are generally resistant to teaching and training because it requires effort. This clashes with the natural wiring of human adults: We are fundamentally lazy.” -- B.J. Fogg This axiom from psychologist and founder of the Persuasive Tech Lab at Stanford, B.J. Fogg, has always stood [...]

Tapad Trend Report for 2018

2017 was a busy year here at Tapad. From new office openings in Norway to multiple partnership announcements, there was a lot to talk about. As we reflect back on the past year, we also consider how those events will impact 2018 and what trends we should be looking out for in the New Year [...]

In the News: Tapad and Freckle IoT Partnership

Today, Tapad announced a strategic partnership with Freckle IoT, the global leader in multi-touch, offline attribution. Freckle IoT will be leveraging the Tapad Device Graph™ to supplement the company’s data set to offer brands more granular attribution data. So why is this important? First, it's an important step in empowering brands with the [...]

Connect with Henry Schenker, VP, APAC, at Marketing Tech Symposium

11/27 - 11/29 Join Henry Schenker, VP, APAC, at Tapad at the Marketing Tech Symposium on 29 November in Hunter Valley, AUS. He will discuss how companies can use big data with recent developments around data portability. Additionally, he will provide insight about the future of the advanced data transaction market. Learn more about the [...]

Tapad and Sizmek Announce Global Partnership

Today, Tapad announced its new global partnership with Sizmek, the largest independent buy-side advertising platform delivering impressions that inspire. Sizmek's adoption of industry-leading AI and machine learning serves as a strong complement to the Tapad Device Graph™, so it's suffice to say that we are excited about this partnership — but we shouldn't [...]

The Controversy Over Political Advertising Could Affect the 2018 Midterms

By Sigvart Voss Eriksen, CEO, Tapad — Digital media opened up great opportunities for marketers to use machine learning algorithms to find the best message tailored to micro-segments of users. Unsurprisingly, this appeals to political campaigns looking to leverage data signals to determine a voter’s political affiliation. Unfortunately, as digital media has grown in popularity [...]
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