About Tapad

Tapad is a global leader in digital identity resolution solutions who enables marketers around the world to maximize campaign effectiveness and drive business results. The Tapad Graph connects millions of consumers across billions of devices. Marketers and partners worldwide entrust Tapad to provide an accurate, privacy-conscious and unified approach to connecting with consumers across screens.

Tapad is based in New York and has offices in Chicago, London, Oslo, Singapore and Tokyo. Tapad's numerous awards include: Forbes' Most Promising Companies, Deloitte's Technology Fast 500, Crain's Fast 50, TMCnet Tech Culture Award and Global Startup Award's "Startup Founder of the Year." Tapad was acquired by the Telenor Group in 2016.

Introducing our five

Personalization At Scale Personalization At Scale


1. Think boldly. We are all here to solve big problems and create a great company. We are leaders, not followers, and we dare to test the limits.

2. Admit when you are wrong and listen to opinions that might not be agreeable. Merit and facts steer all of our conversations.

3. Dare to experiment and take calculated risks. Never look back — better to test a great idea and see it fail than not try.

4. Speak up when your opinion diverges from the majority or authority.

5. Be flexible and agree to decisions benefiting the company’s broader mission — not only your own interests.



1. Own your sh**. Don’t assume anyone else is doing the job — we’re a small company and everyone has to come to the table wanting to help.

2. Be accountable for your actions and behaviors. Your vibe makes, shapes, and drives culture.

3. Don’t waste money, time, or energy. Your waste is everybody’s waste. We need all the resources we’ve got to be productive for the greater good of the team.

4. Add value. Whatever you do, understand the impact on our business. If you do not see the value or value is not proportional to the investment, it’s worth a discussion.

5. Adjust and innovate continuously to ensure you are focused on the end objectives. Value scalable results over process.



1. At Tapad, it’s all about the team. Your mission is to make your colleagues shine.

2. Participate in each other’s growth through sharing, encouragement, visibility and good old friendliness.

3. Individual’s strengths, no matter how different, can work together to accomplish a common goal. We are stronger as a team.

4. We aren’t afraid of disagreement, as we expect our leaders to manage conflict well and make informed, merit-based decisions in order to encourage their team to express their opinions.

5. Be kind, be smart, and work together for the greater good. Brilliant a**holes are not welcome.



1. Trust starts from within Tapad and extends outwards. Align your actions and words, and above all be honest in everything you do, both with colleagues and in every customer interaction.

2. Trust is earned through honesty, consistency, and transparency. Make these actions commonplace.

3. Manage your work with integrity. Being responsible and accountable allows all team members to enjoy a flexible work environment, not just you.

4. Extend courtesy to your colleagues knowing everyone is in it together working toward the same goal. Different work styles can yield the same result.

5. Strive to make trust the heart of your interactions. It can be broken in a split second.



1. We value how extreme differences can be complementary. Extreme performance comes with extreme people. What may be an extreme strength for you might be an extreme weakness for someone else, or vice versa, and that’s great.

2. Take action if someone is being marginalized. Courage and inclusion go hand in hand.

3. We ensure our benefits and policies empower employees to maintain a diverse and healthy lifestyle.

4. We take time to understand and appreciate all personality types. And not just the Myers-Briggs kind, but the little things that motivate you and inspire you. We value who you are across the spectrum.

5. Be curious about the differences between yourself and others. Rather than letting differences pull us apart, we strive to see how they can bring us together.