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IAB Webinar on Cross-Device Retargeting

Tapad is proud to be a member of esteemed industry organizations like the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). With the rapid evolution of the advertising industry, these organizations are key to responsibly advancing the market in a way that benefits vendors, consumers, advertisers [...]

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SVP Nick Jordan Discusses Cross-Platform Attribution with eMarketer

Prior to the advent of mobile, an attribution model was far more linear. A common purchase path might be: television ad for awareness (measured with Nielsen), display ad for direct response (measured through the ad server), then a click-through to a website followed by a final purchase conversion (measured with web analytics). In a world [...]


Friday the 13th….Office for Tapad!

Know what this word means: Paraskevidekatriaphobia? Yes? No? Ok, we will tell you… it’s the technical word for a fear of Friday the 13th, which just so happens to be occurring right this very moment! Oh no! Friday the 13th! That’s a day of bad luck and super-scary horror movies! Well, lucky for you, here [...]


Tapad Data Scientist, Yael Elmatad, Speaks to Python Meetup Group

Last night, Yael Elmatad, one of our rockstar data scientists, presented for the New York City Python Meetup Group. Speaking to more than 200 Pythonistas — aka Python enthusiasts — Yael discussed how Tapad combines Python abilities with our Scalding MapReduce code to give The Device Graph™ the ability to scale and connect billions of [...]

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One Tough Question: Programmatic

The minds of marketers are peppered with Programmatic dreams. And while using technology to automate the ad buy is commonplace in digital, it is also becoming increasingly prevalent in traditional forms of advertising, even outdoor and linear television. No one questions that programmatic is here to stay, but lots of folks have opinions on how [...]

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Tapad Presents | Cross-Screen At The Oscars®: And The Award Goes To…

Major live-broadcast events like The Oscars® capture huge advertising budgets from brand marketers. TV takes a leading role but digital video, social media, display and mobile ads play invaluable supporting roles in your brand winning best ‘unified consumer’ picture. Today’s always-on, connected consumer lives in world of many devices. To take home the golden trophy, [...]


Tapad Presents | A Cross-Device Digital Marketing Love Sonnet for Advertisers

Oh dear advertiser, with sales on the mind We at Tapad are here only for you The correct consumer we know you must find Whether they are returning or new Oh dear advertiser, with options a plenty We know there are choices you can make But dear, dear advertiser when you spend your pennies Our [...]

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Team Tapad’s Super Bowl All Stars

As with most workplaces post-Super Bowl, Team Tapad spent the day discussing last night’s close game and everyone’s favorite ads.  (+ a few mentions of all the great Katy Perry memes). This was an especially fun Super Bowl year for Tapad, as we witnessed first hand some really creative, unified cross-device ad promotions leading up [...]


YP Leverages Tapad Device Graph for New Product Offering

Here at Tapad we’re always thrilled to welcome new partners to The Device GraphTM family—so, today is a happy, unified day. This morning, YP (Yellow Pages) announced the launch and availability of their new product Cross Device Retargeting. Powered by Tapad’s Device Graph Access, YP can now give advertisers the ability to reach audiences across [...]

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#TBT: Device-Mania: How to Reach Connected Consumers Across Screens

What Do Consumers Want from Brands Across Screens? Tapad’s Ben Regensburger hosted a panel at the fall IAB MIXX, which explored the disruptors of the cross-screen industry, how brand and marketers are figuring out how to connect with consumers across devices, and the many challenges faced along the way. The team here at Tapad had [...]

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