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Tapad’s Weekly Round-Up

It’s been a busy week for Team Tapad. Here with the weekly round-up: Tapad Now powering cross-device for The Search Agency The Device Graph™ wins Digiday Signal Award for superior cross-device solution Founder/CEO Are Traasdahl takes the Advertising Week stage for Nasdaq’s Disruptive Technologies for Marketers panel (Monday 9/28 @3PM EST) Want to learn more about @Tapad’s [...]

Digiday Signal Awards

Tapad Takes Home A Digiday Signal Award for Best Marketing Technology

We are proud to announce Tapad took home a Digiday Signal Award last night in NYC. Our proprietary technology, The Device Graph™, was named “Best Mobile Marketing Platform” in the Marketing Technology category. This Signal Award honors Tapad for bringing cross-device efficiency, effectiveness and creativity to the media and marketing processes for brands, agencies and publishers. We [...]

Auric Tech on Tap

Tech On Tap: Auric Adames on Conversion Tracking

In a direct-response ad campaign, the point of the advertising is to drive a specific action. So how do marketers know when it worked? Watch the video below to hear Auric Adames explain conversion tracking in a mere 30-seconds.   To connect with Tapad email us at info@tapad.com.

Nasdaq AdWeek

Don’t Miss Out! Advertising Week 2015

One of our favorite weeks of the year is approaching– Advertising Week. Starting September 28th, this year’s calendar is jam packed with more than 100 sessions across NYC. To help lighten your research load, we’ve pulled a few not-to-be-missed sessions below. The Currency of Data: Why it matters for Marketers – Monday, 9/28 9:00 AM [...]

tech on tap therran tapad audience extension

Tech On Tap: Therran Oliphant On Cross-Device Audience Extension

Having one audience is good. Having one audience in three places is better. Check out the video below to hear Therran Oliphant, our data product marketer, explain what audience extension is and how it can benefit you as a marketer. To connect with Tapad email us at info@tapad.com.

david susi tech on tap tapad cross device

Tech On Tap: David Susi Deciphers the Origins of IDFA & AAID

With a huge portion of advertising now happening cross-device, including mobile, these operating systems had to adapt to the new needs of marketers. Apple and Google developed the IdentifierForAdvertising (IDFA) and Android Advertising Identification (AAID) respectively. In episode four of our new video series Tech On Tap, David Susi, product manager here at Tapad, illustrates [...]

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 1.42.20 PM

Vivian Chang Chats Cross-Device with the DAA

Vivian Chang, VP and head of our data licensing business, spoke on a panel during the DAA’s summer summit this past June. Exploring emerging marketplace practices and all things cross-device, the conversation dove into: How Cross-Device Enables Better User Experiences Programmatic Exchanges and Cross-Device Technologies Cross-Device Technology is Not Monolithic – Many Paths (and Parties) [...]

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 4.48.00 PM

Tech On Tap: Drew McCalmont Simplifies the Concept of Cross-Device

The explosion of devices over the last few years has completely revolutionized the advertising industry. Many vendors claim to have cross-device capabilities, but it’s important to dig deep and find out what they truly offer. In episode three of our new video series, Tech on Tap, Drew McCalmont, data business product director, explains the difference [...]


Apsalar Licenses The Device Graph™ to power Cross-Device

Today we announced our newest Tapad data partner– Apsalar. The company’s mobile DMP will now leverage our core technology, The Device Graph™, to unite cookie-based PC- and mobile-web data with mobile app customer behavior data for true cross-device insight. “Apsalar is focused on empowering marketers to control and fully leverage their first-party data to drive [...]

Tapad device graph

Tech on Tap: Yael Elmatad Demystifies The Device Graph™

What makes cross-device possible? The Device Graph™ Episode two of our new video series, Tech on Tap, is now live! In this video Yael Elmatad, one of our data scientists here at Tapad, explains how we build our core cross-device technology, The Device Graph. Check out the video below. We will be posting new episodes [...]

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