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#TBT: SXSW Technology Talk – Empowering Consumer Behavior Through Innovation

Back in March, our CEO, Are Traasdahl, joined fellow tech executives Sarah Shultz (Team Detroit), Sefi Grossman (Team Detroit), Lizzie Widhelm (Pandora), and Ritu Trivedi (Microsoft) at a SXSW panel to discuss how consumer behavior is propelled by creative innovation, and how those two aspects merge together to build the evolving ad tech world. The [...]

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Tapad Takes Home Two ASPY Awards!

We are proud to announce Tapad took home two first-place wins at the 12th annual iMedia ASPY Awards! Our proprietary technology, The Device Graph™, was named “Best New Media Innovation” and our own Chris Martin was named the top “Rising Star.” We are especially grateful for these awards as the voting was done entirely by [...]


Cynopsis Media Honors Vivian Chang & Kate O’Loughlin at Top Women In Digital Awards

Tapad had much to celebrate last night with the recognition of two employees at Cynopsis Media’s Top Women in Digital Awards. Held here in New York City, the ceremony highlighted women on a global scale that excel in digital content, marketing, advertising, social media-and online.  Vivian Chang and Kate O’Loughlin were recognized as industry leaders, [...]

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Tapad Announces New Partnership with Placed for In-Store Attribution

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? If a consumer sees an advertisement, but it isn’t direct response for them to click on, is the ad still valuable? It’s an age old marketing question: Is my brand awareness advertising campaign actually driving [...]

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Tapad Nominated for 4 ASPY Awards

This just in! Tapad has been named a finalist in the following iMedia ASPY Award categories: Best New Media Innovation, Best Mobile Partner, Best Customer Service and Best Rising Star. We’re thrilled to hold the most spots (four out of nine) of any company who made the list. Two categories are an especially big deal [...]

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Tapad’s April Fools Office Upgrades

The Silicon Valley / Alley tech community is notorious for playing fun April Fools Day jokes– example: Samsung’s Smart Knife or T-Mobile’s cell plan for pets. This year we decided to join the fun with a quick note from our SVP of MarComm announcing some new office features for our NY headquarters. You can see [...]


IAB Webinar on Cross-Device Retargeting

Tapad is proud to be a member of esteemed industry organizations like the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). With the rapid evolution of the advertising industry, these organizations are key to responsibly advancing the market in a way that benefits vendors, consumers, advertisers [...]

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SVP Nick Jordan Discusses Cross-Platform Attribution with eMarketer

Prior to the advent of mobile, an attribution model was far more linear. A common purchase path might be: television ad for awareness (measured with Nielsen), display ad for direct response (measured through the ad server), then a click-through to a website followed by a final purchase conversion (measured with web analytics). In a world [...]


Friday the 13th….Office for Tapad!

Know what this word means: Paraskevidekatriaphobia? Yes? No? Ok, we will tell you… it’s the technical word for a fear of Friday the 13th, which just so happens to be occurring right this very moment! Oh no! Friday the 13th! That’s a day of bad luck and super-scary horror movies! Well, lucky for you, here [...]


Tapad Data Scientist, Yael Elmatad, Speaks to Python Meetup Group

Last night, Yael Elmatad, one of our rockstar data scientists, presented for the New York City Python Meetup Group. Speaking to more than 200 Pythonistas — aka Python enthusiasts — Yael discussed how Tapad combines Python abilities with our Scalding MapReduce code to give The Device Graph™ the ability to scale and connect billions of [...]

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