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Vivian Chang Chats Cross-Device with the DAA

Vivian Chang, VP and head of our data licensing business, spoke on a panel during the DAA’s summer summit this past June. Exploring emerging marketplace practices and all things cross-device, the conversation dove into: How Cross-Device Enables Better User Experiences Programmatic Exchanges and Cross-Device Technologies Cross-Device Technology is Not Monolithic – Many Paths (and Parties) [...]

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Tech On Tap: Drew McCalmont Simplifies the Concept of Cross-Device

The explosion of devices over the last few years has completely revolutionized the advertising industry. Many vendors claim to have cross-device capabilities, but it’s important to dig deep and find out what they truly offer. In episode three of our new video series, Tech on Tap, Drew McCalmont, data business product director, explains the difference [...]


Apsalar Licenses The Device Graph™ to power Cross-Device

Today we announced our newest Tapad data partner– Apsalar. The company’s mobile DMP will now leverage our core technology, The Device Graph™, to unite cookie-based PC- and mobile-web data with mobile app customer behavior data for true cross-device insight. “Apsalar is focused on empowering marketers to control and fully leverage their first-party data to drive [...]

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Tech on Tap: Yael Elmatad Demystifies The Device Graph™

What makes cross-device possible? The Device Graph™ Episode two of our new video series, Tech on Tap, is now live! In this video Yael Elmatad, one of our data scientists here at Tapad, explains how we build our core cross-device technology, The Device Graph. Check out the video below. We will be posting new episodes [...]


Methodology: Measuring Cross-Device

As the first company to crack-the-code on cross-screen, Tapad Data Scientists are asked to explain the power of our cross-screen technology on a near-daily basis. This is their overview of our methodology and how we make it all work. The Challenges of Cross-Device: Stating the obvious, the ultimate goals in digital marketing are to run [...]

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Tapad Weighs In on Deterministic vs Probabilistic

In preparation for their Omni.Digital conference in September, AdExchanger had one question for Tapad CEO and Founder Are Traasdahl: Why and how is probabilistic relevant in a world populated by 800-pound deterministic gorillas?   Given space limitations, an abbreviated version of his response appeared in their excellent piece, live now. We thought you’d like to see the full answer [...]

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New Video Series! Introducing Tapad’s Tech On Tap

There’s a lot of great resources out there for learning the very overused and very confusing jargon of advertising technology. A couple of our favorites are Digiday’s WTF Ad Tech articles and AdAge’s Explain it Like I’m Eight videos. Even with these great resources, there’s a lot of confusion about the terms we use on [...]


Medialets: Tapad’s Newest Data Licensing Partner

With the continued proliferation of consumer devices, cross-screen reach has become essential across the entire advertising technology stack. Our data business is making this possible through licensing of our patent-pending technology, The Device Graph™. Today we’re pleased to announce our newest licensing partner, Medialets. Through this partnership, Tapad will enable Medialets to give marketers a [...]

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7th Annual 212 NYC Summer Beach Party

Last week here in New York City, Tapad had the privilege of co-sponsoring 212’s seventh annual Summer Beach Party on Governor’s Island. Joining thousands of industry attendees, Team Tapad enjoyed an evening of drinks, games and a performance by rapper 50 Cent. To learn more about @Tapad’s cross-device solutions email info@tapad.com  

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Chatting TV Pulse with Beet.TV

We’ve been making big waves with our new TV Pulse product (get it — waves?), which we announced in June during Unify Tech ‘15. Kate O’Loughlin, who heads our media business, was recently invited to speak to Beet.TV on the subject. Check out the video below to hear how TV Pulse works and why we [...]

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