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Tapad Presents | A Cross-Device Digital Marketing Love Sonnet for Advertisers

Oh dear advertiser, with sales on the mind We at Tapad are here only for you The correct consumer we know you must find Whether they are returning or new Oh dear advertiser, with options a plenty We know there are choices you can make But dear, dear advertiser when you spend your pennies Our [...]

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Team Tapad’s Super Bowl All Stars

As with most workplaces post-Super Bowl, Team Tapad spent the day discussing last night’s close game and everyone’s favorite ads.  (+ a few mentions of all the great Katy Perry memes). This was an especially fun Super Bowl year for Tapad, as we witnessed first hand some really creative, unified cross-device ad promotions leading up [...]


YP Leverages Tapad Device Graph for New Product Offering

Here at Tapad we’re always thrilled to welcome new partners to The Device GraphTM family—so, today is a happy, unified day. This morning, YP (Yellow Pages) announced the launch and availability of their new product Cross Device Retargeting. Powered by Tapad’s Device Graph Access, YP can now give advertisers the ability to reach audiences across [...]

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#TBT: Device-Mania: How to Reach Connected Consumers Across Screens

What Do Consumers Want from Brands Across Screens? Tapad’s Ben Regensburger hosted a panel at the fall IAB MIXX, which explored the disruptors of the cross-screen industry, how brand and marketers are figuring out how to connect with consumers across devices, and the many challenges faced along the way. The team here at Tapad had [...]

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Tapad Presents: NY Ad Tech Meetup’s Mobile Ad Trends to Watch in 2015

December NY Ad Tech Meetup, hosted by Tapad Throughout the year, the New York Ad Tech Meetup brings together industry thought-leaders and ad tech-types to spark important discussions on innovations and trends impacting advertising, video, mobile and marketing tech. Given the current craze for mobile innovation, the December theme for NY Ad Tech was “Mobile [...]


Tapad Study Reveals What Revs 2014 Holiday Auto-Shoppers’ Engines

Tapad and our partners over at Datalogix recently took a deep-data-dive to produce a Holiday 2014 Auto-Shopper Study on which devices drive the passions of U.S. auto consumers. To conduct the study, Tapad used DLX Auto data from IHS Automotive (which incorporated Polk into its business last year), about data on U.S. consumers who are [...]

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Tapad & The NAI

Guest Post By Colin O’Malley, Tapad Board of Advisors – Today Tapad officially joins the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), the leading self-regulatory association dedicated to responsible data collection and its use for digital advertising.  The NAI is incredibly thorough and they have played a critical role in elevating privacy and accountability standards across the industry for [...]

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Nielsen Confirms Tapad Cross-Device Accuracy at 91.2%

91.2 percent: That is the device connection accuracy within the Tapad Device Graph, according to Nielsen, a leading information and measurement company.  Earlier this year, we commissioned them to make an independent assessment of a sample of our data set. Today, they confirmed the results. After reviewing and analyzing a portion of Tapad data, they concluded that [...]

8 Crucial Ways Alley & Valley Start-up_Cultures Differ Infographic THUMBNAIL

8 Crucial Differences Between the Alley & the Valley

Coast-to-coast, start-up life can be as sweet as everyone says. The rewards for hard work and top minds? Catered meals and snacks for days. Ping-pong, scooters, foosball and the latest gaming systems. So we decided to do a little digging — where do Alley & Valley paths diverge? Turns out, there are some fundamental differences [...]

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Video Highlights from Cross-Screen 101 for Agencies Webinar

Tapad and our partners over at Datalogix recently co-presented “Cross-Screen 101 for Agencies.”  Co-hosted by Tapad GM/ VP Media Business Kate O’Loughlin and Datalogix VP Mobile & Video John, Dempsey, the webinar provided an in-depth overview of the essentials marketers need today to take their campaigns unified across screens.   Here are a few highlights from [...]

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