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8 Crucial Ways Alley & Valley Start-up_Cultures Differ Infographic THUMBNAIL

8 Crucial Differences Between the Alley & the Valley

Coast-to-coast, start-up life can be as sweet as everyone says. The rewards for hard work and top minds? Catered meals and snacks for days. Ping-pong, scooters, foosball and the latest gaming systems. So we decided to do a little digging — where do Alley & Valley paths diverge? Turns out, there are some fundamental differences [...]

Cross-Screen 101 cover

Video Highlights from Cross-Screen 101 for Agencies Webinar

Tapad and our partners over at Datalogix recently co-presented “Cross-Screen 101 for Agencies.”  Co-hosted by Tapad GM/ VP Media Business Kate O’Loughlin and Datalogix VP Mobile & Video John, Dempsey, the webinar provided an in-depth overview of the essentials marketers need today to take their campaigns unified across screens.   Here are a few highlights from [...]

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Tapad Sets Sights on Canada

The following story just hit in Canada’s most important trade, Media in Canada. Check it out! Rising levels of digital ad spend and being home to one of the world’s most-active internet bases were two key reasons US-based Tapad targeted Canada as the next stop in its global expansion plan. Several weeks into the launch of [...]


Tapad Inaugural Partner for Facebook Atlas & On-stage at IAB MIXX

Facebook Atlas launched yesterday, an important development for the ad tech ecosystem as a whole. As an inaugural Atlas partner, it was also an important, validating moment for Tapad. This relationship means that we can now deliver Facebook-verified Analytics and Measurement insights for all of our unified, cross-screen campaigns. We all know that connecting with [...]

Advertising Week

What Not To Miss This Advertising Week

Advertising Week is almost upon us.  With hundreds of events happening over four jam-packed days, Team Tapad wanted to share our top picks on what’s not to be missed as well as our own Advertising Week appearances. If you’d like a ticket to Founder & CEO Are Traasdahl’s 9/29 session on “Cross-Screen Intelligence and the [...]

Kevin Wang

Guest Post | TEALS: Shaping Minds & the Future of Computer Science

The school year is now in full swing and the need for skilled, passionate volunteer teachers has never been greater. We first learned about Technology Education And Literacy in Schools (TEALS) from a Tapad engineer and TEALS volunteer. They came in, presented to our team, and three more Tapad engineers enlisted. The experience for our [...]

NFL Infographic

Cross-Screen Campaigns Score Big on Gameday

Thursday September 4th marked the start of the most wonderful time of the year for many of us – that’s right, the NFL season.  First-up in 2014? The Seattle Seahawks in a decisive win (36-16) over the Green Bay Packers. Where was all the fan action?  It went cross-screen more than ever this year, with [...]


Guest Post | hackNY Fosters Next Generation with a Knack for Hack

This summer, Tapad had the privilege of being paired with a skilled engineer with a knack for hack and serious thirst for startup experience through our inaugural hackNY Fellows Program partnership. We first learned about the hackNY Fellows program through Randy Shepherd (Tapad Engineer and NYU Professor) and Evan Korth (technologist and friend of Tapad). [...]

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The New Back-to-School Shopping List = Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops

How marketers are using cross-screen tactics to win the household Back-to-school shopping used to mean notebooks, pencils and pens, but these days the must-have items in every backpack are electronic. In fact, while overall back-to-school cross-screen campaigns increased this year, the rise was especially notable in the mobile and electronics categories, where spending increased by [...]

Tapad United Team

Tapad United Kicks Serious Grass: A Team Profile

Each week Tapad United comes together on the fields of Brooklyn to face opponents in a 50-minute battle for grass, goals, and glory.  Let’s take a closer look at the players that make up this winning team.

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