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1. We cracked the code
Three years ago, there was a major tech problem no one could solve -- connecting the dots between multiple devices owned by the same person. This little NYC tech startup Tapad cracked that code. What happened then? A revolution in the way marketers communicate. A transformation in the way we interact with our devices. A more fluid, unified world that finally makes sense across screens. And a future for Tapad that is as bright as it is connected.
2. We're growing rapidly
We no longer get to call ourselves a little start-up. Offices in 13 cities throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. Revenues growing by more than 100% year-over-year. Our staff size more than doubled in 2013 alone, and we are adding new positions faster than we can update the list below.

3. Intellectual Inspiration
We hire only one type of person. The type that uses their considerable intellect to inspire the rest of us to do better, think harder, innovate more. That’s it. And when you gather all that brainpower in one place, all focused on solving really big challenges, the work is immensely gratifying.
4. We're interesting people
Turns out, all these smart folks also happen to be really interesting people. Competitive salsa-dancers. Tough Mudders. Bakers. Race car drivers. Patent holders. We’ve got them all, and it makes it as fun to play with them as it is to work with them. Sure, we do all the company outings and fun stuff you’d expect from an NYC tech start-up, but the difference is that these people actually choose to hang out together in their after-hours. (Even when it’s not on the company dime.) That speaks volumes about our culture.
5. Communication is king
This is not your father’s corporate gig. Never was, never will be. Our pod structure is designed to keep bureaucracy at bay, to keep lines of communication open, foster innovation and autonomy. Check out our team-authored Constitution for a bit more on the principles that unite us.
6. No Fragmentation
You don't start a good book over from the beginning every time you pick it up, right?  So you agree with us -- life across devices should be as fluid and unified as the rest of it. That's the simple problem with a tough solution we are solving for over here.

Reason 1

You like solving tough problems.

Reason 2

There's no room in your world for "can't."

Reason 3

When you are in, you are all in — fully engaged, firing on all cylinders.

Reason 4

You Value: being open, clear and direct; a good idea (even if it isn't yours); ownership/autonomy; and most of all, getting results.
You dislike: bureaucracy, politics, overlong meetings, boredom.

Reason 5

Every one of your references said it was a great idea (even ones you didn't give).

Reason 6

You put the "I" in Initiate (and you leave it out of "Team").